Board Meetings in a Las Vegas HOA: Explanation of How They Work

There are several types of meetings that a Las Vegas HOA board can conduct all of which have a specific purpose. Most meetings require a majority or “quorum” of the board in order to be called to order and agenda items must be approved by majority vote of the board members in order to be carried through. Below, I have listed a few of the most common meeting types conducted in a Las Vegas HOA along with what goes (and what doesn’t) in each of those meetings. If you would like more detailed information related to meetings in the Las Vegas, Nevada CIC, this section is governed by NRS 116 3108 and 31083 and additional detailed information can be found at

Most Board Meetings Consist of Two Separate Sessions:


Seems like quite the title but this meeting is most commonly known as a “Board of Directors Meeting” or a “Regular Session Meeting” and is probably the most common meeting held for a Homeowners Association next to the Annual/Election meetings. These meetings are considered open meetings in which anyone who is interested can attend and must be held at least once every 100 days.

So what goes in a Regular Session/Board of Directors Meeting? Nevada Law requires two homeowner sessions, one at the beginning of the meeting for agenda items and one at the end of the meeting for general/open forum items. Nevada law also requires that at a minimum, the board must review the most recent set of financials and approve the minutes of the last meeting held by the board. Everything else is up to the board but typically includes approval of contracts, proposals, resolutions, policies etc. All of which MUST be approved at an open meeting.


This meeting is always a closed session meeting in which only the board of directors, management, legal counsel and/or owners who have received a written notification to attend (usually done in order to discuss individual account information such as violation hearings or collection status).

What goes? The following are the ONLY things that can be discussed in an executive session meeting … no exceptions! All other matters MUST be discussed in the open/regular session meetings.

  • Violations of the associations governing documents to include non-payment of assessments (collection matters)
  • Construction Penalties
  • Legal Matters (i.e. pending litigation or other legal matters discussed with legal counsel)
  • Personnel Matters (employees of the association to include the community manager)


Two separate meetings that are typically held simultaneously on the same meeting date. A quorum of the board is not needed to hold an election or to approve the minutes of the prior year annual meeting. These are meetings of the membership which means that all members of the community are welcome to attend. Annual meetings must be held at least once per year.

An election meeting is held for the specific purpose of conducting an election which includes opening and counting of ballots received for the election of owners to the board of directors. At a minimum, the membership should approve the minutes of the last annual meeting and there should always be an open forum period for owners to address their concerns.

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Article Authored By: Jamie Collins, Supervising CAM, CMCA, AMS agent at Shelter Management Group (SMG)