Web Based Communications in a Las Vegas HOA: Pros and Cons

Good communication in a Las Vegas homeowner association (HOA) is key to a successful community. There are a number of different forms of communication available. Whether it be verbal, written letters or memos and of course web based communications such as emails, community websites and Facebook or Twitter, which add a certain level of complexity to the skills needed to run a successful HOA. Below are several types of communication and the pros and cons of each.

The biggest advantages of using web based communications are cost and speed of delivery.

  • Community Websites
    Websites allow owners 24-7 access to their community. Community websites offer many solutions for everyday tasks such as obtaining forms or other information such as clubhouse hours or where to purchase a gate remote, which saves time and money for both the HOA and your management team. The hardest part about communicating through a community websites is keeping it up to date with current information and providing fresh content and articles to keep the owners interested in visiting the website on a regular basis. Having a designated committee or employee to constantly update the website will be key to a successful community website.
  • Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter
    Social media is one of the newest forms of communication for HOA’s and is continuing to grow in popularity. Facebook and Twitter are the most commonly used forms of free social media however free is not always the best method of communication. For example, Facebook is designed to create interaction but postings can give members perfect opportunity to cause trouble since you can’t control the interaction between the members, while Twitter is more controlled and can be set to “view only” which is a way to stop a reader from posting negative comments.
  • Email
    Good ol’ email … the most useful and commonly used method of web based communication. The best part about email is that it allows all residents (who have provided email addresses) to receive the same message and allows direct responses from residents. The problem with email is that it is only as good as the reader allows it to be. In other words, getting the communication read and responded to in a timely manner by the recipient can be a challenge, so it may not always be the most effective way to communicate.

You may not want to rely on just the web for communications … send important information on paper in the mail as well.

Some members are not as technically savvy as other members, with that, you should always publish your communications in writing, through the post office and provide residents with the opportunity to “opt-in” if they don’t want to receive paper mail for simple communications. Printing and mailing your communications is the smartest method to use and is the best way to protect the association in the event that the association gets involved in a lawsuit.

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Article Authored By: Jamie Collins, Supervising CAM, CMCA, AMS agent at Shelter Management Group (SMG)